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Videos from ECGBL 2010

November 16, 2010

Download presentations and watch videos from ECGBL 2010:

European conference on Games Based Learning

21. – 22. October 2010, the fourth European conference on ‘Games Based Learning’ and a PhD Master Class on ‘The Educational Potential of Computer Games’,  was held at the Danisch Scool of Education, Aarhus University.

Video streaming from the conference:

Download presentation from PhD Master Class:


ECGBL keynote: Gaming, Schooling and Knowing

October 22, 2010

Today, my colleague, Thorkild Hanghøj, held his keynote “Gaming, Schooling and Knowing”. At the Game Based Teaching NING I have tried to do my best to report on some of the many interesting points that Thorkild raised.


Follow ECGBL online initiative

October 15, 2010

While we attend ECGBL next week, there are many people across the world that due to different circumstances (no visum, no financial resources etc.) cannot participate.

For this reason, but also because we find it important to nurture our research community, to create more cross-cultural collaborations, and to engage continuously in discussions (as well as getting better at engaging in these), we want to encourage everyone to use our Game-Based Teaching NING as a resource to blog and share your ECGBL experiences, to share resources, as well as reflections such as: what made you wonder, what made you interested, what was particularly special about ECGBL 2010 compared to earlier events etc.

We hope that as many as possible will feel encouraged to contribute to this collaborative event!


Mikala and Thorkild

NING Coordinators


4th European Conference on Game Based Learning (ECGBL)

September 6, 2010

This year’s ECGBL will be held on October 21-22 at the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University (Copenhagen, Denmark). It is not too late to register!

Considering the many interesting titles represented among the accepted abstracts, I think that it is going to be an interesting conference. I will be presenting a short positioning paper and poster with the title “Alternatives and Passages: English Teaching, Learning, and Mingoville”. In this paper I present (too briefly) the Science and Technology Studies inspired methodology and four analytic strategies that I engage with to study enactments of passages between English teaching/learning and ‘in the world’. The contribution of this paper is to the further development of research strategies that include emerging enactments of an educational game/virtual world as an educational alternative in heterogeneously constituted everyday ways of living.