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Opportunity to partially follow EASST 2010 in Trento online NOW

September 2, 2010

Right now the EASST 2010 conference is going on in Trento, Italy. I received an e-mail about EASST related online events ( Twitter and blog) that might be of interest to others like me that were not able to participate themselves.

The people behind the two initiatives write that it is:

a project for all those who don’t find
the time or money to go to conferences

“Practising science and technology, performing the social” is the title of the EASST010 conference in Trento (Italy) which takes place from 2nd to 4th September 2010. Many researchers in science and technology studies will go there, probably some technologists too. And a few students will be there too. There are usually much more students interested in conference themes than those who actually find the time and money to finally attend such a conference.

For all those who cannot physically go to this conference, we started this little project, to in return make our own conference visit possible (as we got some financial support for this project by the local students union). On this weblog we will provide live commentary of what we encounter at the conference. Additionally we will put here daily reflections on what is going on at the conference. We also will try to find some well-known science and technology scholars who have time to do an interview, which then will be provided at the blog.”

The initiators call themselves “a bunch of computer science as well as science and technology students from Vienna (Austria)”. They launch everything in accordance with this Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share-Alike license which is worth looking at too for inspiration.

It is a wonderful initiative (that also illustrates the conference title perfectly), and I look forward to following the emerging activities. Hopefully a lot of EASST participants will feel encouraged to share their experiences and reflections on the blog and via Twitter.


Skole 2.0: IT-Didaktisk Design i Fagene

May 21, 2010

Den 6. maj 2010 afholdt Forskningsprogrammet Medier og IT i Læringsperspektiv den årlige forskningsformidlingskonference. I år bar konferencen titlen Skole 2.0: IT-Didaktisk Design i Fagene. Keynote og slides fra sessionerne findes nu her.


PhD thesis and defense

May 20, 2010

Yihaa, I am defending my PhD thesis on 3 June 2010. See and download the announcement here at the Danish Association of Science and Technology Studies’ homepage. Hope to see you at the defense :-).

Download the thesis: Hansbøl, Mikala (2009) Researching Relationships between ICTs and Education: Suggestions for a Science ‘of’ Movements, Danish School of Education, Aarhus University

I just stumpled upon this fun blogpost about different ways to conduct PhD defenses in the world. This is actually kind of interesting.


Kandidatuddannelse IT-Didaktisk Design

April 6, 2010

Kandidatuddannelse IT-Didaktisk Design

For mere information se:

Hvilken betydning har it for didaktik, læring og almen dannelse?
Hvordan kan det pædagogiske potentiale i e-learning udnyttes?
Hvordan kan it understøtte konceptet om livslang læring?
Har du lyst til at gå i dybden med disse spørgsmål, er DPU’s kandidatuddannelse i it-didaktisk design måske noget for dig.

Du bliver præsenteret for forskningsbaserede teorier om teknologiens indflydelse på didaktik, læring og undervisning – og for det læringspotentiale, der ligger i teknologien.

Desuden vil du møde teorier til forståelse og analyse af uddannelsesinstitutioner og andre organisationer, hvor it i stigende grad understøtter undervisning, (efter)uddannelse, kommunikation, vidensdeling, samarbejde og læring på arbejdspladsen.


Uddannelsen er for dig, der har en bachelor eller en professionsbachelor og ønsker en overbygning inden for it og didaktik.”


Web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 og nu Web 3D?

November 6, 2008

Sisse Siggaard Jensen har en interessant blog Actors & Avatars. Jeg faldt lige over denne korte appetizer til en af hendes artikler om Web 3D, og benytter nu lejligheden til at hinte om hendes blog og forskning: