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Education Lab har fået blog

October 21, 2014

Education Lab – forskningsprogram for teknologi og uddannelsesdesign har fået blog :-). I fremtiden vil jeg således også blogge sammen med mine Education Lab kollegaer.


ECGBL keynote: Gaming, Schooling and Knowing

October 22, 2010

Today, my colleague, Thorkild Hanghøj, held his keynote “Gaming, Schooling and Knowing”. At the Game Based Teaching NING I have tried to do my best to report on some of the many interesting points that Thorkild raised.


Annual Night of Culture in Second Life

October 14, 2010

Tomorrow I am joining the Annual Night of Culture events in Second life. This interesting initiative is among other arranged by PhD student Marianne Riis aka Mariis in Second Life.

I was so fortunate to meet Mariis this afternoon in Second Life, where she briefly showed how she can change space so that in one moment it is a space for teaching and the next it is a Friday bar.

I find it very interesting that there seems to be an increase in arrangements of virtual/online conferences/conference activities using among other Second Life.

Today I recieved an invitation to virtual participation in next year’s AACE (Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education) conference.

This development within academia is definitely something I will pursue further, especially, as it could bring new options for gathering and engaging people from around the world in academic activities and research events, when viewed from an economic perspective.

The Nordic Virtual Worlds Network has published a series of interviews with experts on virtual worlds and the future of virtual worlds. These are available online and they are quite interesting.

See you in Second Life…

🙂 Mikala Afterthought (my Second Life resident name)


Exploring Learning Space Designs

August 22, 2010

From the conference on ICT and Innovative Learning Environments in Danish Universities, I took with me several insights that I want to share and have already done so in several blogposts.

– Matters of e-learning are about open explorations of learning space designs. This, of course, can mean many things…

Phillip D. Long was one of the key note speakers and workshop presenters who is looking at different open source tools on the Internet that can be engaged as ressources in academic activities (i.e. for the educator, researcher, and the learner). At the workshop he mentioned a long list of open source tools. He is making the list available online, and I look forward to this! 

He has also written a book chapter on “Trends in Learning Space Design”. The chapter is part of a book on “Learning Spaces” available at the Educause homepage, which is surely a visit worth for anyone wanting to gain inspiration for higher education use of ICT. I also just stumbled on this interview with him. It includes interesting references to other writings by Phillip D. Long on open frameworks for education and open courseware.

– in Denmark we have several takes on what open explorations of learning space designs are about.

Christian Dalsgaard is one of the researchers who are focusing on as well as advocating open source approches to the design of learning spaces. He is among other the author of the article “Social software: E-learning beyond learning management systems“. Dalsgaard encourages what he calls self-governed communication and learning environments. His approach takes point of departure in the individual student’s options to choose from and engage with the vast variety of open sources that exist and are available and free on the Internet.

Virtual Worlds like Second Life are for some researchers the point of entrance to new matters of e-learning. In Denmark, for instance, Marianne Riis has dedicated her PhD research to “Exploring 3D remediation: research, teaching and learning with and in a new media”. Her blog is worth a visit.


Making sense of virtual worlds and user-driven innovation

June 9, 2010

View keynotes and other really interesting resources from the workshop Making sense of virtual worlds and user-driven innovation held by the virtual worlds project at RUC. Also visit the new Nordic Virtual Worlds Network.


Danskernes Akademi

May 26, 2010

Jeg faldt lige over et interessant indlæg fra Malene Charlotte Larsen’s ph.d.-blog om DR’s lancering af Danskernes Akademi.  Her kan du blandt andet nu finde to forelæsninger ved Malene Charlotte Larsen om hendes forskning i Sociale Netværkssider.

Danskernes Akademi blev lanceret den 11. januar 2010 som “Danmarks største oplysningsprojekt”.

Udover de interessante forelæsninger om sociale netværkssider, så kan du for eksempel finde en forelæsning ved Maja Horst om Forskningskommunikation , en forelæsning om Seriøse Spil  (Serious Games) og en forelæsning om Dannelse, Uddanelse og Grundtvig ved Ove K. Pedersen.  Du kan såmænd også finde en forelæsning (på engelsk) ved Anthony Giddens om Klimaforandringernes Politik.

Spot selv en forelæser


Web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 og nu Web 3D?

November 6, 2008

Sisse Siggaard Jensen har en interessant blog Actors & Avatars. Jeg faldt lige over denne korte appetizer til en af hendes artikler om Web 3D, og benytter nu lejligheden til at hinte om hendes blog og forskning: