Summing up: ECGBL 2010

October 22, 2010

Summations from this years ECGBL 2010… Good weekend to you all :-).


One comment

  1. Hi Mikala!
    A very productive morning it was, indeed – and you certainly covered it excellently in your minutes here. Not to blow our own horn too hard – but I had a comment/observation about a central issue that perhaps was not covered in that day’s agenda about learning games, but in my still is central in user perception, and something developers should exploit more: Namely the fact that it’s a good thing to fail in a game (= a learning experience in itself), whereas it is very disappointing to fail otherwise in traditional learning situations.
    “Failing” in games triggers what is psychologically know as “flow” – where the user gets in a state of action while anticipating feedback and ultimately a reward. Much like in sports. If this exchange between user and learning game is properly balanced (balance between actual learning and “gameplay”), you get students who are motivated to learn more.

    Just my $ 0.02….

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