Join the hot seats at our Game-Based Teaching NING

September 1, 2010

We are launching a series of hot seats, which will host different discussions related to Game-Based Teaching. So far, we have planned two hot seats, where we as NING coordinators have taken the liberty to host the two first series of discussions to be discussed by members of the network within two week intervals. The aim of the hot seats is to further dialogue between researchers, educators and game designers in relation to game-based teaching. The first two hot seats are described below. Please feel free to join the discussions!

Hot Seat #1: Gaming, schooling and knowledge forms (13-09-2010 to 27-09-2010)
This first hot seat features an online discussion of gaming, schooling and knowledge forms. In spite of a growing interest in using games in education, it still seems questionable whether games can be fully integrated within the context of formal schooling. A part of this challenge may be explained in terms of teachers’ level of ICT/game literacy and available technological resources. However, the problem is also related to the “clash” between gaming and schooling as different knowledge traditions with different criteria for validating knowledge. In summary, the two questions I wish to discuss are:

1. How can the knowledge forms of gaming and schooling be integrated?
2. How should games be taught in schools?

LINK: http://gamebasedteaching.ning.com/forum/topics/hot-seat-1-gaming-schooling

Hot Seat #2: How can we open up research on games as serious actors in education? (04-10-2010 to 17-10-2010)
As a sort of newcomer to the field of serious games research, I find that there is a lot of concern with how games can/should/won’t be integrated in schools. However, much like the e-learning research field (which I come from), there seems to be too many closed assumptions and too little methodological reflections/discussions going on that emphasize the central question of how can we research this matter.

This hot seat therefore features an online discussion of: How can we open up research on games as serious actors in education?

LINK: http://gamebasedteaching.ning.com/forum/topics/hot-seat-2-how-can-we-open-up

Later this year, other members of the network will be asked to host similar hot seats. Please write to tha@dpu.dk, if you wish to conduct a hot seat!

Finally, we hope to meet some of you at the ECGBL 2010 conference (4th European Conference on Games-Based Learning), which will be held at The Danish School of Education, University of Aarhus, Copenhagen, Denmark, 21-22 October 2010.

Look forward to some great online and offline discussions!

Thorkild Hanghøj and Mikala Hansbøl

NING coordinators and educational game researchers
The Danish School of Education, Copenhagen

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