Connecting Design Thinking, Teaching and Learning

August 22, 2010

The workshop with Dan Gilbert “Connecting Design Thinking, Teaching and Learning” was quite interesting.

First I noted that he mentioned that Stanford University has had the goal to “make creative requirement a goal”.

I think that creative requirement should be a goal in all educational programmes. But how do you foster this?

One way is to be good at rapidly generating ideas, identifying needs, problems, and finding solutions.

At the workshop Dan Gilbert engaged us in a rapid exercise to identify a problem related to our students.

1. do an 1-1 interview, 5 minutes each, where you take turns answering these questions:

  1. “I wish my students…”
  2. Why can’t I accomplish that…?
  3. Why?… Why…?

2. round-table: Briefly state what are the participants problems. Select one of the problems. Spent 5 minutes brainstorming suggestions for solutions to this problem. Select one solution.

3. Spend 10 minutes on preparing a presentation (with whatever is at hand) where you show and tell about the solution (in 30 sec.).

It was a fun, boundary crossing, surprisingly effective, and learningful experience :-).


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