Research methodologies for studying virtual worlds

August 11, 2010

I attended the 2010 ICA conference in Singapore in June. I was invited to participate in a panel discussion and present how I engage with researching the virtual world/universe Mingoville.com

CarrieLynn D. Reinhard (panel organizer and chair) together with Christopher Olson have produced a video from the panel discussion. The video and a short description of the panel can be accessed via the Virtual Worlds project’s blog.

Researchers Making Sense of Virtual Worlds: Discussion Concerning the Methodologies/Methods of Studying Virtual Worlds

Game Studies


CarrieLynn D. Reinhard


Interviews Within an Experimental Framework: A Potential on How to Make Sense of Sense-Making in Virtual Worlds CarrieLynn D. Reinhard, Roskilde U, DENMARK
Unpacking Participants’ Interactive Behavior and Discourse Strategies in Virtual Dialoguing Through Qualitative Analytic Methods of Investigation: Potential and Pitfalls Caroline Ho, Nanyang Technological U, SINGAPORE
Getting Informed: Researching Circulations and Establishments of a So-Called Serious Game Mikala Hansbøl, Aarhus U, DENMARK

Methodological Issues With Large-Scale Social Science Data From Online Communities Dmitri Williams, U of Southern California, USA 

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