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DASTS 2010

June 10, 2010

Today and tomorrow I am attending the DASTS 2010 conference (Danish Association of Science and Technology Studies) held at our university (The Danish School of Education, Aarhus University). Today’s keynote speaker was Tara Fenwick who has just (2010) published a new book together with Richard Edwards “Actor-Network Theory in Education”. I personally look forward to reading that. Fenwick’s presentation gave a nice overview of some of the work that has been done to combine educational research and ANT. I found it particularly interesting to hear about the contributions from ANT to educational research and education, and the contributions from educational research to ANT, which Fenwick sees.

Today’s sessions also included a couple of interesting speeches on the one-laptop per child initiative from researchers Jan Sølberg and Lars Bo Andersen who have been visiting Nigerian schools.

Their speeches reminded me of the influential work of Helen Verran who has worked “with Yoruba West African and Yolngu Aboriginal Australian thinkers to puzzle about how to go beyond European Enlightenment understandings in re-imagining knowing nature”. (Source: Verran’s homepage)

It seems to me that there is much really interesting work going on at present within Danish Science and Technology Studies. Just to mention a few other issues that where presented: interesting work-in-progress speeches by Cathrine Hasse about teaching/educational robots and the (inter)relations between human and robotic learning and Torben Elgaard Jensen about approaches to user-driven innovation, how the field of STS has contributed to conceptualizations of users and thoughts on more recent generations of what he called  “the new user?”


Making sense of virtual worlds and user-driven innovation

June 9, 2010

View keynotes and other really interesting resources from the workshop Making sense of virtual worlds and user-driven innovation held by the virtual worlds project at RUC. Also visit the new Nordic Virtual Worlds Network.