Enterprises and organizations having great success with e-learning?

May 25, 2010

Do you know of any enterprises/organizations that have had great success with e-learning?

I hope that you will help me answer a few questions: 

1. Name of enterprise/organization(s)? (e.g. Novo Nordic, Microsoft, Municipality of ?)

2. Enterprise size? (e.g. 200 employees, 30 employees)

3. Enterprise location? (e.g. Denmark, Norway, global)

4. Target group for e-learning? (e.g. leaders, managers, sales people)

5. E-learning content and aims? (e.g. training it-skills, business values, other educational aims?)

6. E-learning form? (e.g. blended or online, synchronous, asynchronous)

7. IT-tools? (e.g. learning management system, ppt., Live Meetings etc.)

8. When did they have success with this?

9. How was the success visible/measurable/apparent?

10. What was the duration of the e-learning course?

Any hints (also literature references) that will make me more knowledgeable about different ways that enterprises/organizations effectively engage with e-learning are of value to me.

I greatly appreciate your time and help :-).

Remember that any answer via a comment to this blog-entry will provide a possibility for someone else to gain inspiration.

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