This is where the internet ends

February 8, 2008

There exist many versions of the very last page of the internet in English and Danish, and most likely in any language.

I’m interested in these kinds of pages (presented as one here) because I see them as examples of enacting spatiality through inserting differences.

This example of a boundary enacting page creates off- and online activities as particularly separate forms of everyday living. 

I view this page as an example of imagining the internet as an ‘inside’ version of the living world, related to but separated from the  ‘outside’ version of the living world.

The ‘outside’ presented here is a matter of (new) experiences of nature and engagements in physical movements. It is interesting that what ‘conventionally’ constitutes nature (= physical movements and biology) is in this example made somewhat exotic, peculiar and strange. The internet version of the living world is made ‘the natural’ way of being. However, even though the two versions are made to coexist, you need (to be motivated) to leave the one, in order to enter the other. 

My Translation:

This is where the internet ends
You have now reached the very last page on the internet. We hope you’ve enjoyed surfing. Now it’s time to go out and play.

Suggestions for what to do outside:

  • Take a walk. Which means using your legs for moving around – it’s called strolling
  • Jogging. This means moving around and using your legs a bit faster than when walking. If you jogg fast, it is called running.
  • Bicycling. Going by bike to experience nature in real 3D! Stop the bike once in a while and look at the trees and the rocks.
  • If it’s a hot day, and there’s water nearby, you can take a swim. This is not something you should do if you cannot swim. Then you can do something called bathing.
  • Visit someone you know
HTTP 101 – Have a splendid day!
Greetings the internet

I want to thank Jette Agerbo (http://virtuelkultur.blogspot.com/) for guiding my attention towards this lovely page called “This is where the internet ends”: http://www.ballade.dk/

Thanks to whoever made it. I just love it 🙂

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