Got stuck? Two suggestions for ways out of it…

December 11, 2007

1. Find a person who will spend 10 minuttes listening to you telling about your project. Record your own speech and listen to it afterwards. It probably becomes quite clear what are your imaginaries, boxes belonging to these, their strengths, weaknesses and – especially – accomplishments 🙂 .

2. There is nothing more liberating than freeing oneself from the strings attached to the unfair efforts of trying to squeeze oneself into boxes (whether them being theoretical umbrellas, concrete tasks defined by others, or particular imaginaries of everyday life) – especially when they are not your own. 

Describing accomplishments also includes learning, and therefore, one might as well let go of imaginaries and the boxes that belong to these, and instead think out of and across (conventional) boxes – even when it means maybe writing ‘stuff’ that contradicts what one has been writing before.

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