A researcher in the making

December 11, 2007

I call Mikala’s Klumme a researcher’s blog. What does that mean?

It simply means that I offer you a glimpse and snapshots of my activities.

Mikala’s Klumme is not equal to me. It is not my researcher identity, it exists as a part of my identity, which is multiple.

Most of my activities are not presented in Mikala’s Klumme. But you can get a sense of my activities, affiliations, and locations through Mikala’s Klumme.

Furthermore, Mikala’s Klumme provides an insight into some of the various pathways I follow, and footprints I leave, as I move around in and across everyday activities. It presents – in this sense – also stories about my researcher trajectories across time and socio-material and cultural-historical sites of activities.  

I learn as I move around. Therefore, you should not feel surprised if you are able to find places where I maybe contradict myself or in other ways seem unclear. It may be that I have moved on, or it may be that my communication of some points has not been clear enough. Most likely, I present multiple variations of what may appear on the surface to be the same object. One example of this may be my description of the PhD project. I have provided a background paper (extracts from my application see: https://mikalasklumme.wordpress.com/category/project-learning-scenarios-with-ict/ ) suggesting some of the issues that found the background and presents part of my motivation for my PhD project. However, at the time (as the reader will notice from the way I argue), I took the different surveys and research (I referred to) for granted (viewing them as somewhat authoritative) whereas today I view them (as well as my presentation of them) as particular enactments and accomplishments presenting imaginaries of ICT, digital media and learning – of which there exist more than one but not many.

I think of Mikala’s Klumme as work-in-progress. I view my identity as a researcher as multiple and emergent.

Please feel free to ask questions, engage in discussions, contribute to my imaginations, or in other ways join me in my journey  🙂 …  

Feel free to cite or quote any of my writings, I only ask of you to follow the following online writings – copyright:

On-Line writings – Copyright

The online writings on this website may be cited or briefly quoted in line with the usual academic conventions. You may also copy or download them for your own personal use. However, the writings must not be published elsewhere (e.g. to mailing lists, bulletin boards etc.) without the author’s explicit permission.

Please note that if you copy my writings you must:

• include this copyright note

• you should observe the conventions of academic citation in a version of the following form:

e.g. Hansbøl, Mikala: “A researcher in the making”, published at Mikala’s Klumme – A researcher’s blog: https://mikalasklumme.wordpress.com/2007/12/11/a-researcher-in-the-making/. Version 11th December 2007. 


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