Everyday life

September 25, 2007

My point of departure for engaging in and researching practices with ICT is through education. Still, I claim to focus on everyday life and activities with ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) in the PhD project. Part of my motivation for doing this is related to the fact that when dealing with new digital technologies it becomes clear that traditional distinctions between e.g. working life, school life, private life – viewed as separate spheres of life, does no longer make sense. Traditional boundaries become blurred and new boundaries are created. In order to analytically grasp the new cross-contextual practices that evolve from the use of ICT, I choose to use the concept of everyday life and activities with ICT. I get inspiration for working with this concept in e.g.  Jean Laves book ”Cognition in Practice” (1988):  

””Everyday” is not a time of day, a social role, nor a set of activities, particular social occasions, or settings for activity. Instead, the everyday world is just that: what people do in daily, weekly, monthly, ordinary cycles of activity. A schoolteacher and pupils in the classroom are engaged in “everyday activity” in the same sense as a person shopping for groceries in the supermarket after work and a scientist in the laboratory.” (p. 15)

Lave, Jean (1988): Cognition in Practice: Mind, Mathematics and Culture in Everyday Life. Cambridge University Press.


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