Welcome to Mikala’s Klumme

September 24, 2007

fotoMIX My name is Mikala Hansbøl, and I’m a researcher working at the Department of Research and Innovation. I work in relation to Education Lab – Research Programme for Technology and Educational design, University College Zealand, Denmark.

I describe myself as an educational anthropologist, techno-anthropologisk, empirical philosopher and design based researcher.

Mikala’s Klumme is a researcher’s blog, where I write about my everyday activities as a researcher.

June 2010 I defended my PhD thesis “Researching Relationships Between ICTs and Education – Suggestions for a Science ‘of’ Movements”. This may give an impression of my work. The thesis can be downloaded here: http://www.dasts.dk/wp-content/uploads/Hansboel_2009.pdf

In 2007 when I began writing this blog, I decided to call it Mikala’s Klumme. “Klumme” is Danish and means a place where you can write about small and big things in a more or less formal language. This is what I do.

In a world emphasizing more and more that researchers should disseminate and engage actively in a multiplicity of dissemination activities – a world filled with research databases, homepages and other administrative systems, Mikala’s Klumme will be my free research space, where I can experiment with form as well as content, whenever and however I may feel like it.

I hope that you will enjoy visiting Mikalas Klumme as much as I enjoy writing it.



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